Pillar Party

Pillar Party


February 12 - 01:00 pm


February 13 - 04:00 pm

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Freedom BLOC Digital Fellows

Website: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/freedom-bloc-digital-fellows-30908428011
It’s a Photoshoot… We mean BLOC Pillar Party!!!

The Black Led Organizing Collaborative (BLOC) was created to build Black political power and is the vehicle for collective political expression, educating the Black electorate and the broader Black community on issues impacting their lives and mobilizing them to turn out to vote on issues and candidates. The pillars of the organization are EDUCATE • EMPOWER • ACTIVATE • TURN-OUT.

Our Piller Parties are designed to gather more than enough content for all participants to utilize on their social media platforms and provide networking opportunities for diverse grassroots organizations. Content will be gathered and shared between The Freedom BLOC, the Pillar Party locations, & any partnering organizations involved. The intent is to increase awareness, curate content, and disseminate your message.

Attendees, please arrive ready to be photographed and with an all-black T-shirt or hooded sweatshirt in addition to a casual top of your own choosing. All registered groups will get an opportunity to share their organization’s 2021 plan during one of the three location visits, and copies of the unedited pictures.

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